CHARLOTTE — Two people are now in the hospital after being shot in Uptown Saturday evening, according to MEDIC.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police shared new information about the shooting Sunday morning. The department says the incident happened around 11 p.m. Saturday evening after calls reporting an assault with a deadly weapon.

On site, the police discovered two minors with gunshot wounds. They were both taken to hospital with their lives in danger.

A photo taken from a viewer’s Twitter account shows a heavy police presence blocking most of the road.

Police said a juvenile suspect was in custody and another suspect, believed to be involved in the shooting, remained at large.

The cause of the shooting and the identities of those involved are still unknown.

Channel 9 crime reporter Glenn Counts was able to speak with residents who live near the park where the shooting took place. Aliyssa Baligod claims to have been able to hear the gunshots from her apartment on the 19th floor.

“Suddenly I heard gunshots, it sounded like it was from outside, at first I thought it was fireworks, I just let it happen, I “I heard screams running everywhere and suddenly sirens,” Baligod said, “I looked out on my balcony and there were people running everywhere.

Another resident, Matthew Hamorick, told Counts he was walking home when the shots rang out, and running for cover was one of many thoughts running through his mind.

“Yeah, that’s something that definitely crossed my mind, because anytime you hear something like that, anyone would be scared for their life,” Hamorick said.

Many residents say one of the most disappointing facts about the incident is not the senseless violence, but the ages of those involved. So far, everyone CMPD has identified in the case is under the age of 18.

“First of all, how can kids get access to guns these days, it’s crazy,” Baligod said.

“It’s heartbreaking, man, because we want good for the kids these days,” Hamorick said.

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(WATCH BELOW: Two injured after being hit by car in Midtown Charlotte, MEDIC says)

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