When Steve Wilks was hired as defensive coordinator, it was thought the 49ers secondary would take a step forward. Unfortunately, in eight weeks, the secondary and defense as a whole have not lived up to their expectations. At the trade deadline, the 49ers added Chase Young to bolster their pass rush, but the majority of 49ers fans believe the team will regret not making a move on a cornerback.

The bye week came at the perfect time for Wilks and the team to regroup and adjust. Schematic changes aside, Wilks will now be on the sidelines with the defense to better communicate with his players for adjustments. Wilks is neither energetic nor emotional, but if the players have a say, it will be easier to collaborate.

The question becomes: Did the 49ers botch and fail to check for a cornerback or did they fail in their attempts to land one? Reports indicate the 49ers were in one of the cases, but which ones aren’t as clear as others. Landing a starting outside cornerback would solidify the defense, but the team hasn’t made a deal.

Sixty-six percent of 49ers fans are unhappy with the 49ers not landing a cornerback. However, 61% of 49ers fans gave the Chase Young trade an “A” grade. Thirty-five percent gave this occupation a grade of “B,” and 4 percent gave it a grade of “C.”

There has been an increase in confidence in the leadership of the teams. Last week, before the Young trade, 49ers fan confidence hovered around fifty percent. This week, that figure rose to 72 percent. Adding a star pass rusher will do that I suppose.

The team has a tough challenge in Jacksonville on Sunday. A win will go a long way to instilling confidence in the fans, which this team has fixed. It has to start on Sunday.

SanFrancisco 1 11.8

SanFrancisco 2 11.8

SanFrancisco 3 11.8

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