The LA Clippers have had a lot to figure out since James Harden came to town. Although he is a great player in a vacuum, the addition of Harden forced drastic changes to the Clippers’ lineups as well as their offensive philosophy.

This has led to discussions about selflessness and who needs to make the most sacrifices, while ensuring that star players are in roles that allow their skills to shine. Suffice to say that it was anything but easy for the Clippers.

During James Harden’s three games in Los Angeles, one player in particular experienced a bigger drop in production than anyone else. Interestingly enough, that player is Paul George.

Paul George has seen his numbers drop since the arrival of James Harden

Over the last three games, Paul George is averaging just 14.0 points per game and is shooting 26% from the floor. In Harden’s debut against the Knicks, he had arguably his worst night of the season, as he shot 2 of 11 and made just one of his six three-point attempts, turning the ball over four times to start.

Since then, things haven’t improved much for PG. He had some rebounding performance with 24 points against the Nets, but it came at the cost of efficiency, as he shot a dismal 7 of 20 from the floor.

All of this tells us that the team is still figuring out the best way to get good shots from its best players in the offensive flow. Clippers fans can rest assured that Paul George will not continue to shoot below 30% for the remainder of the season.

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