Motorists and pedestrians broke through roadblocks and barriers around San Francisco’s Moscone Center as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit kicked off Saturday.

While traffic was light around Moscone at Howard and Third streets, police stood next to sturdy black fencing about 10 feet high blocking streets leading to the center.

Near the Starbucks on Fourth Street next to Target, where the lobby windows were closed Saturday morning, a couple asked a police officer if they could get past the barricade to get to their hotel. She said that was not possible and that it would be closed all week. Target remained open for business.

Police at Fourth and Mission streets let Muni buses pass, but ordered other traffic trying to get down Fourth to turn left or right. On the Fourth, dozens of piles of barricades waited to be erected.

Crews had placed sections of heavy iron fencing in front of the Fifth and Mission/Yerba Buena garage, which is closed Saturday through Friday, according to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

Map shows safety protocols around the SOMA/Moscone Center areaMap shows safety protocols around the SOMA/Moscone Center areaMap shows safety protocols around the Nob Hill areaMap shows safety protocols around the Nob Hill area

Major road closures and detours are not expected to begin until Monday, but the security barriers have been causing traffic nightmares for days.

Major street closures are planned in two “vehicle exclusion zones,” one in an area defined by Market and Harrison streets and Second and Fifth streets, and one at the top of Nob Hill. Only authorized vehicles will be admitted and all must undergo security checks, just like bicycles and scooters. Pedestrians will be allowed in areas but excluded from areas closest to the event locations.

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