They can’t come up with enough theories to explain this.

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November 9 BTSIt is Jungkook surprised ARMYs with a guerrilla concert in Times Square in New York.

Jungkook from BTS | @CalvinKlein/Twitter

The performance was always kept secret from the audience, and it wasn’t until 30 minutes before Jungkook took the stage that the news was revealed. But even in such a short time, the singer managed to attract a huge crowd. The soldiers and residents rushed to the spot to see him.

Jungkook gave a power-packed live performance of some of his new songs, including “Seven,” “3D,” and “Standing Next To You.”

The event attracted enormous media and online attention and was covered by journalists from reputable publications. Photographer Kyle Stevens was one of them. In fact, Stevens has covered Jungkook’s solo performances in the United States quite often, including his World Citizen Festival appearance in September and his more recent performance at TODAY To show.

On November 10, Stevens posted some exclusive photographs from Jungkook’s Times Square concert, which included a view of the huge crowd gathered to see him perform. Even from one angle it was evident that the audience numbered at least in the thousands, and the photographer himself estimated it at around 10,000 people.

| @thekylesteves/Twitter

While the diversity of the audience made the ARMys proud, some couldn’t help but focus on a familiar figure who made them stop in their tracks. A man, who looked exactly like Jungkook, was seen standing almost in the center of the photo.

This unexpected double shook things up in the brains of ARMYs, who began to come up with all kinds of theories to explain this phenomenon.

While others pointed out that the man in the photo had a different nose and jawline than Jungkook’s, the probability couldn’t be denied.

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