Badgers news: What Greg Gard said after the 80-70 loss to Tennessee – Bucky’s 5th Quarter

After a solid 105-76 win over the Arkansas State Red Hawks, the Wisconsin Badgers fell short to the Tennessee Volunteers 80-70 on Friday, falling to 1-1 on the season.

In the game, the Badgers shot just 25 percent from three and made just 14 of 23 free throws, while the defense allowed 80 points at over 50 percent efficiency on the night.

The Badgers got 17 points from AJ Storr, albeit on 20 attempts, while the Volunteers got 24 points from Dalton Knecht, who proved to be the difference for Tennessee.

Speaking to reporters after the game, head coach Greg Gard highlighted the issues with the team’s defense, but remained confident the Badgers would turn things around, using the game as a lesson for the team.

Listen to Gard’s full opening statement following the Badgers’ 80-70 loss to Tennessee.

Stay tuned for all the Badgers postgame coverage to come!

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