No. 6 Oregon 19, USC 7, 5:18 remaining in the second quarter

Zachariah Branch caught the Oregon kickoff while floating back into the USC end zone and struggled to get down field but was tackled at the USC 9.

On first down, Caleb Williams had time to scan the field and find Brenden Rice for a 13-yard gain.

On first down at the USC 22, Williams’ pass to Rice was incomplete as the receiver had difficulty returning the ball. After a delay, the referees called Oregon for pass interference.

On first down at the USC 37, Williams kept the ball and ran for no gain. On second-and-10, Williams passed the ball to Branch and Branch dropped it as he reached the field. On third-and-10, Williams ducked the pressure and passed to Tahj Washington for a 10-yard gain.

On first down at the USC 47, Austin Jones rushed for a loss of one yard. On second-and-11, MarShawn Lloyd fended off a tackle and rumbled 11 yards to the left.

On first down at the Oregon 43, Williams tried to escape a near-sack, but a second defender closed in and he lost control of the ball. A USC offensive lineman recovered the fumble for a loss of 13.

On second-and-23, Williams passes to Branch for a two-yard gain. On third-and-23, the Oregon fans cheered as Williams tried to find Duce Robinson on the left sideline, but the ball fell incomplete. The Ducks were called offside, leading to third-and-16. Williams dodged a sack and threw the ball up and out of bounds when tackled.

On fourth-and-16 at the Oregon 49, USC hit a punt, trapping the Ducks at their 1st.

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