Singer Bobbi Storm posted a video of the confrontation on Instagram.
Bobbi Storm/Instagram, NurPhoto

  • A Delta Air Lines crew member threatened to kick out a passenger who wouldn’t stop singing.
  • The woman, Grammy-nominated gospel singer Bobbi Storm, posted about the encounter on Instagram.
  • Many commenters were not sympathetic towards Storm, saying the employee did his job.

A Grammy-nominated singer was almost kicked off a Delta Air Lines flight after she continually tried to sing her new song.

The passenger, Bobbi Storm, took to Instagram on Saturday to share a video of the altercation between her and a Delta crew member. In the video, Storm walks up the aisle before being told to sit back down.

As she takes her seat, she turns to the people around her to tell them that she just found out she’s “ready for two Grammys” and that she’s released a new single called “We Can’t Forget Him.”

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The Daily Mail reported that Storm was one of the featured vocalists on Maverick City Music’s latest Grammy-nominated album, “The Maverick Way Complete.” The group is a Christian singing group nominated for Best Gospel Album and Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song.

Storm did not respond to Insider’s request for comment, made outside of normal business hours.

“I sing to the Lord,” Storm says in the video. Shortly after, the Delta crew member approaches Storm and tells her to “shut up”.

“I do what the Lord tells me to do,” Storm continued.

The crew member repeatedly asks Storm if she can sit quietly during the flight in the clip.

“If you are unable to follow my instructions, you will not be able to take this flight,” the employee continued. While Storm seems to concede at first, when the crew member walks away, she says she will continue to “sing it under her breath”, then continues.

On Sunday, a Delta representative confirmed to Insider that the company was in contact with Storm, but declined to comment further, saying only: “For the safety of our customers and crew, it is always important to follow the crew instructions.”

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In a follow-up video posted Saturday, Storm said Delta reached out, but added she didn’t want the employee “reprimanded.”

“I just want us to be mindful of how to treat each other,” she said.

Dozens of comments on Storm’s posts called out the singer for being “out of commission.” Several noted that the employee was “just doing his job” and that some passengers might not want to listen to someone singing during their flight.

2023 has been a year of unruly passengers, with many people kicked off their flights for inappropriate behavior.

In June, a Delta flight had to make an unscheduled landing after a passenger became “unruly” and had to be restrained by other travelers. A United flight had to be diverted the following month after an economy class passenger headed to the business class section.

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