The theme for the 2024 Met Gala has just been announced by Vogue magazine, producer of the event, and to many on the Internet, this looks an awful lot like a dig at Kim Kardashian.

The theme for the next installment of the fashion event, where Kardashian has been a perennial mainstay on the red carpet for years, will be “Sleeping Beauties: Fashion Awakens.”

And many believe it’s a subtle attack on Kardashian’s most infamous Met Gala look: the 2022 incident in which she wore one of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dresses and allegedly ruined the garment in the process.

Seems exaggerated, right? (No pun intended.) But the statement from Andrew Bolton, chief curator of the Costume Institute, which benefits the Met Gala, makes it plausible.

Bolton announced that the Gala would be accompanied by an exhibition of “historically significant and aesthetically beautiful (fashion) pieces” from the Institute’s permanent collection that are “far too fragile to be worn again.”

Many hear echoes of the 2022 Met Gala tumult with Kardashian in this statement.

The theme that year was “In America: A Fashion Anthology,” and Kardashian was by far the most memorable attendee given that she walked the red carpet in the dress that Marilyn Monroe wore the night she sadly sang “Happy”. Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy.

The dress is so fragile and valuable (worth $4.8 million) and was so fitted to Kardashian that she only wore it on the red carpet and on the famous steps of the Met Gala before she transform into a replica.

But according to a Monroe fan account that obtained what it says are real before and after photos of the dress, it appears Kardashian damaged the clothing’s clasps and many of its rhinestones.

Did Kim Kardashian damage Marilyn Monroe’s dress?Youtube

Kardashian denied damaging the dress, but her case wasn’t helped by behind-the-scenes videos showing she had so much trouble fitting the dress over her legendarily curvy derriere that she almost had to abandon the endeavor altogether.

The Ripleys, believe it or not! The Florida museum, which houses the dress, confirmed that the damage in the photos actually happened in 2017, but that didn’t stop an outcry from quickly ensuing, during which Kardashian was accused of ruined a historic and irreplaceable garment.

Thus, on social networks, many speculations have circulated according to which the The 2024 theme is a direct reference to the Kardashian-Monroe debacle.

However, people have also speculated that the theme is just a reference to the number of stars who completely ignore it each year.

Either way, this new uproar proves that Kardashian’s legacy as the Met Gala’s hottest guest is secure for now.

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