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Can we all agree that competing for influence on social media is not a wise decision – Yeah or Neigh?

Being immortalized in an acclaimed digital photographic masterpiece is every budding influencer’s wildest dream.

But rather than snap a stunning photo as she strolled among a herd of unbridled horses, an animal-loving pin-up was trampled to the ground in an epic and frightening photoshoot fail.

“What the fuck was she thinking?” asked a curious commenter under trending Instagram images of an anonymous woman narrowly escaping death by clogs during an ill-fated photoshoot on the picturesque sands of the Cappadocia, Turkey.

The chaotic clip, which was originally shared by Cappadocian photographer Ahmet Kürkcu in October 2022, has racked up 4.3 million views after recently sparking a viral resurrection on “Influencers in the Wild” – an Instagram account dedicated to making fun of with a light-hearted look at desperate content creators and their behind-the-scenes mistakes.

A content creator was nearly trampled to death during a near-fatal photoshoot with wild horses in Turkey.
Instagram / @influencersinthewild

In the stunning post, a barefoot brunette in a red mini dress is seen strutting among a flock of galloping stallions – which, on average, can weigh between 1,100 and 1,300 pounds each depending on the breed and health status, according to equestrian experts – probably hoping to take on an iconic mount.

Instead, the cameraman captured a stomping horse colliding with the would-be model, knocking her to the ground as the horses continued to run.

And rather than expressing some sympathy towards the rampaging siren, cyber naysayers mercilessly berated the thrill-seeker for risking her life for the sake of likes on social media.

The chaotic clip was originally shared by Cappadocia photographer Ahmet Kürkcu in October 2022.
Instagram / @influencersinthewild

“Horses don’t care about your contentment, girl,” said one shady critic.

“Imagine being such a main character that you believe you can walk through a stampede of horses and everything will be fine,” another scoffed.

“His dream of being ‘carried away by a handsome stallion’ has finally come true,” teases another prankster.

“His dream of being ‘carried away by a handsome stallion’ has finally come true,” teases a joker.
Instagram / @influencersinthewild

“This bullshit is extremely dangerous and stupid,” wrote another. “She could have been trampled to death.”

Tragically, this daredevil diva is not the only trailblazer to have miraculously avoided a dark fate during an ill-advised ruckus.

Marina Rivera, a Spanish social media star, almost fell into trouble in the name of fame after posing for a photo in a death cave along the Canary Islands in September. And this month, Mexican tourist Gian Carlo Triacca, 42, suffered several broken ribs while trying to take a photo with a deer while on vacation in Greece.

On average, an adult horse can weigh up to 1,200 pounds depending on its age, breed and health, according to experts.

“I was taking a photo of a small deer standing in front of me, when suddenly a large male deer attacked me from the back,” Triacca said of the life-threatening encounter.

“I was in so much shock and pain after it happened.”

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