Son of Hamas founder denounces terrorist group and its ‘7th century mentality’

The eldest son of Hamas co-founder Hassan Yousef joined “Hannity” from New York on Thursday, denouncing his father’s terrorist organization and its continued attacks against the Israeli people.

Mosab Hassan Yousef said that Hamas, although the leading force of the Palestinians, is not a political party but a religious movement waging a holy war.

“If Hamas was a political party, then we (could) put pressure on them, bring them to the negotiating table where they can compromise. But Hamas as a religious organization, no one can satisfy its religious ambition because it is a condition in its charter,” he added. ” he said.

Yousef, born in Ramallah in the West Bank, was originally seen as his father’s heir apparent, but said a stint in an Israeli prison made him change his mind about his future.

He then became an informant for the Shin Bet – Israel’s equivalent of the CIA – and converted to Christianity. In 2010, a San Diego immigration judge approved his request for asylum in the United States.

On the show “Hannity,” host Sean Hannity asked Yousef why his father’s organization harbored such hatred toward Israel and Jews.

Yousef noted that similar anti-Semitism occurs in the United States and around the world, but added that hatred of Hamas has religious and political dimensions.

“We’re talking about Hamas – (which has) a 7th century mentality, where Israel is very advanced (into the) 21st century. So the gap is very huge. Hamas represents chaos. That’s where they thrive .Israel represents order; democracy – So these are two opposite extremes confronting each other,” he said.

Yousef later said he was not the only big name on Hamas’s hit list and that pro-Hamas protesters were “living in denial” of the terrorist group.

“They don’t know what Palestine is. And what I’m saying, you know, today, as an American, I urge all these people to educate themselves first. And we can’t lose sight of because Hamas started this war. What we have to do, we have to remove Hamas from power,” he said.

Charles Creitz of Fox News Digital contributed to this update.

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