The Vikings got quarterback Josh Dobbs and a 2024 seventh-round pick for a 2024 sixth-round pick. The Vikings already had value in their sixth-round pick.

It could only get better for the Vikings, who went from 1-4 playoff contender to 5-4. Which will make the situation even worse for the Cardinals.

Really, how was the increasingly common six-seven swap the best the Cardinals could do for a quarterback who had started eight games? Dobbs told PFT by phone after last week’s game that the Browns were also an option. How could Cleveland have offered less than what the Vikings ultimately gave up?

Dobbs recently said that Cardinals coach Jonathan Gannon told Dobbs that it would not be exchanged. Many interpret this as an indication that Gannon is not a man of his word. The best interpretation might be that someone above Gannon called.

The Cardinals organization has not prioritized winning this year. This became evident in the draft and evident when they cut wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins days before having the flexibility of an additional $11 million in 2023 cap space. They didn’t need it , because they were never going to spend it.

And with wins and losses coming after the fact for the Cardinals this year, why not increase the assortment of picks in next year’s draft a bit? Even if it meant gaining 58 total yards and scoring no Cleveland points.

What is this? Kyler Murray is back now, so they don’t need Dobbs? Every team needs a competent backup. There is no guarantee that Murray will remain healthy for the remainder of the season. At some point, they might decide he’s shown enough to create a postseason trade market and slide him in bubble wrap for a soft tank at the top of the order. If/when that happens, it will be Clayton Tune time again.

Regardless, Dobbs was worth more than a move from seven to six. The Cardinals didn’t care because the organization isn’t prioritizing winning this year.

This seems much more sophisticated than tanking. But it’s basically the same thing. And until a team uses the “T” word, the NFL won’t do anything about it.

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