He takes off his Sunday shoes.

The historic actors’ strike ended Wednesday and to celebrate, Kevin Bacon, 65, posted a video of him on social media recreating his iconic dance from “Footloose.”

Still limber in his 60s, Bacon performed this dance in a barn, 39 years after he first performed it in the 1984 classic.

In the video, Bacon is backlit by the sun and he is shown in silhouette as he demonstrates that he still has his dancing skills.

Bacon gave his nostalgic video a simple caption, by way of explanation: “Knock! » he wrote, tagging the official SAG-AFTRA account.

Dancing to “Footloose” is especially notable for Bacon, because in 2013 he went on “Conan” and talked about how he bribes DJs. not playing this song when he attends weddings.

“I… give him $20 and I’m like, ‘Please don’t play that song,’” Bacon said. He explained that he did this because when the song was played at an event, everyone would crowd around him.

“A marriage doesn’t really concern me. It’s about the bride and groom, and it’s embarrassing. It’s horrible,” he said.

Kevin Bacon, still in good shape at 65, performs the “Footloose” dance in his recent video.
X / @kevinbacon
Kevin Bacon performed the dance in a barn.
X / @kevinbacon

During that same appearance, Bacon told host Conan O’Brien that he almost lost the iconic role.

“The producer of the movie wanted me, and the director wanted me, but the head of the studio at the time literally told them, ‘I don’t want this kid.’ He’s not f-able,” he recalls. “I was 24 at the time and pretty sure I could do it.”

A year later, Bacon even recreated the dance – again! – by appearing on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in 2014.

The strike lasted 118 days, from July 14 to November 8, the longest work stoppage in the union’s history.

Kevin Bacon feels free of all ties and free of mind at the idea of ​​the end of the strike.
X / @kevinbacon

Actors have fought for health benefits and better pay for background actors, as well as protections against studios using AI to use their likeness without permission – or to “reanimate” dead actors, as the said Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda.

“I’ve heard before that AI is being used to make its ‘voice’ say what people want and while I find this personally disturbing, the ramifications go far beyond my own feelings,” a- she posted on her Instagram in October. “Living actors deserve a chance to create characters with their choices, to voice cartoons, to devote their HUMAN efforts and time to the pursuit of performance.”

Kevin Bacon shows that he still has his dancing skills, to celebrate the end of the strike.
X / @kevinbacon
Kevin Bacon still has his dance moves in his 60s.
Getty Images for SCAD

Ending the strike does not mean that all delayed TV shows and movies will return immediately.

“I don’t think production will come back until early next year,” former “Parks and Recreation” co-star Jim O’Heir told the Post.

“I think some shows that were shut down in the middle (of production) could come back more quickly, but now they have to build sets, rent soundstages, etc.”

However, Bacon feels free from all attachments and without fantasy.

Fans flocked to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, to comment on Bacon’s dance video. “It made me nostalgic AF,” he said. a fan wrotewhile another said“God, he’s cool.”

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