Flower Moon Killers Star Lily Gladstone encourages Indigenous viewers to watch Martin Scorsese’s film “when and only if you feel ready.”

The film looks at 1920s Oklahoma and the murder of dozens of Osage people in an attempt to steal their wealth from the oil and gas on their land. Gladstone plays Mollie Burkhart, an Osage woman married to white settler Ernest Burkhart (Leonardo DiCaprio).

In multiples input wire Posted on X, Gladstone warned of the film’s impact, particularly among younger viewers and women. “See him when and only if you feel ready and see him with people you feel safe with,” she wrote. “You’ll probably have a lot of generational grief to deal with. You’re not alone.”

She also shared a resource thread for those who need crisis support.

“I am so proud of the film we made with so many Osage community leaders, artists, educators and advocates,” she wrote. “Never forget that this story is a recent story with a lasting impact on the breathing and feelings of people today. It’s up to them and we all have a lot to learn from it.

“In this process of learning about the horrible reign of terror, remember that the Osage remain,” she continued. “The natives stay. And this story is very interesting. Be kind and be gentle with each other. There is a lot to process and a lot to heal.

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