After some violent reactions after Mortal Kombat 1It is Horribly expensive Halloween microtransactionswhich include a pumpkin-headed, maggot-filled finisher known as Fatality, developer NetherRealm Studios has announced that people who purchased the pricey run will get two more for free.

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The studio published on Twitter/X on November 9, saying that next week the Seasonal Fatalities Pack will be available for purchase. This includes three gruesome holiday-themed executions – Halloween, Thanksgiving and Winter – with the inevitability of Halloween drawing ire for its exorbitant price tag. Now it’s grouped with two other final attacks. Mortal Combat has has had microtransactions in the past for things like character skins, most of which can be earned in-game. While Mortal Kombat 1 does something similar, it seems to distribute its premium in-game currency too slowly, causing players to fork out more money on top of the $70 game.

Fans were furious at the cost of Halloween’s death (among other things) and expressed their frustration on social media over what many called “greedy business practices.” Now, after hearing the criticism, NetherRealm Studios is trying to offset the alleged price hikes.

“Next week you will be able to access the Seasonal Fatalities pack, which includes fatalities for Halloween, Thanksgiving and next winter,” NetherRealm Studios said. “Those who purchased the Halloween fatality will have access to the pack at no additional cost. We appreciate your feedback on everything MK1.”

While there is no official pricing for the Season Fatality Pack yet, IGN speculate that the package could cost you around $30. Getting two extra bloody final attacks for free, assuming the other two cost $10 like the Halloween finisher does, seems like a good deal since you’re getting three for the price of one. However, once again, fans of the 2D fighting game are not happy with the game’s monetization efforts.

“How about we create more ways for us to get Dragon Crystals more easily just by playing the game?” tweeted user RainyJadyin reference to the premium currency of the game you can only buy with IRL money. “This way you won’t get any backlash for these microtransactions.”

“$36 for deaths is crazy” said Twitter user _UltraLuminary.

“(NetherRealm Studios) has finally responded to the complaints.” said Frostmkxcomics on Reddit. “Now, instead of paying $12 for one death, you pay $12 for three deaths… Pathetic.”

“Still a highway robbery: $12 should get you 1 new unique death for each character,” commented Reddit user Lil-Lui-. “(NetherRealm Studios) are professional scammers.”

Kotaku contacted Warner Bros. Games for comments.

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While Mortal Kombat 1 is perhaps the most recent offender, expensive monetization like this in both free and paid games has been a thing for a few years now. Call of Duty, Diablo IV, FortniteAnd Monitoring all include cosmetics that, while they don’t typically offer gameplay benefits, are still locked behind expensive paywalls that you can only climb with real money. It’s disappointing, but unless we refuse to participate, things are unlikely to change.

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