MW3 gets a lot of praise in many areas, but the spawn logic is extremely rough, as one player shared.

The MW3 beta received a lot of praise from players, as fans loved the return of 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 maps with new gameplay improvements. However, it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine, as the beta was plagued by terrible spawn logic.

Since the beta ended, Sledgehammer has had a few weeks to clean up the spawn system. First impressions were good until players discovered how broken Quarry, Terminal, and Scrapyard were, forcing Sledgehammer to temporarily remove them.

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While frustrating spawns can ruin the game, they haven’t completely ruined the fun yet.

Player MW3 appears several times in a vehicle

MW3 player Sweeten16 shared his experience with the spawn system. In a short clip, Sweeten16 lost his fight and reappeared in Underpass’s corner. What happens next is tragic but hilarious.

Their character appears in a vehicle and then dies. It’s really strange to see this, but it happens five more times after the initial accident, making it a special case. It gets even wilder when another player joins the spawning madness and dies repeatedly.

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Eventually, the issue was resolved before Sweeten16 had a chance to leave the match.

While the player was upset, others found the experience quite funny. One viewer replied: “Sorry this happened to you but it’s really funny lmao.” Another joked that it would balance out the player’s upcoming matches: “On the bright side, SBMM is going to be a lot more relaxed with you.”

Others lamented that Sledgehammer should have used the same logic as the original MW3. However, there is no chance of this working, as one player said: “The old spawn system and these maps break when people can go through the entire map in seconds, it’s why I doubt spawns will ever be fixed in this game.”

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Sledgehammer is aware of the wonky appearances in MW3, so expect fixes and updates to arrive soon. For now, be wary of the car in Underpass, as it will magically pull you into a vicious spawn cycle.

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