The rain came out but not the cold. Compared to Thursday afternoon, where high temperatures ranged from 75 to 80, today’s afternoon temperatures in the mid-40s were quite the contrast. Precipitation of about 0.2 inches in most places was a little heavier than expected and helpful for parched soils, but not enough to reduce our large deficits.

The sky will clear this evening and the breezes should remain light before picking up. Sunshine and average temperatures Saturday will create a decent day for any outdoor projects.

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Until tonight : The clouds will gradually decrease. Calming westerly breezes will help keep our wind chills not too much below our expected low temperatures in the 33-39 degree range, with downtown warmer and near larger bodies of water.

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Veterans Day (SATURDAY): Partly sunny skies will return. A northwest breeze near 15 mph may add the slightest wind chill at times, but it will be seasonably mild with high temperatures aiming for the mid 50s to 60 degrees – a little milder than expected. Overnight it will be partly cloudy and colder temperatures will bottom out in the 20s to mid 30s.

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Looking at the Air Quality, Fire and Smoke Plume Assessment Map below, we can see two fires in the southwest portion of the greater Washington DC area. Both have good short-term news: The outlook for the nearest Quaker Run Fire expects good air quality today and Saturday with reduced fire activity due to rain today.

Farther along the West Virginia border, the Heavener Mountain Fire has burned 600 acres, but there is currently no outlook or forecast of near-term concern. Numerous forest fires continue to ravage the eastern United States, where drought persists. Our two neighboring Washington DC area concerns could smolder or reignite, returning us to smokier conditions as the ground dries out over the next few days.

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