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The war between Israel and Hamas has lasted more than a month, devastating the Gaza Strip, killing thousands and displacing many others in the region, as the conflict appears likely to continue for some time.


1.5 million: That’s the number of people displaced inside the Gaza Strip, according to the United Nations, which reported that 557,000 people have sheltered in facilities unable to accommodate new arrivals, raising concerns about to overpopulation.

More than 11,000: This is the number of people killed in Gaza during the conflict, according to Reuters.

Around 1,200: The revised death toll from the October 7 Hamas attack in southern Israel, Reuters reported, citing an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson.

More than 400: That’s the number of U.S. citizens and residents who have left the Gaza Strip, according to Reuters, citing the State Department, which noted that some U.S. citizens still remained in the war-torn region this week.

Around 240: That’s how many hostages Israeli officials believe Hamas and other groups are holding, according to the New York Times, an issue that has become the crux of negotiations between Israel and Hamas.

756: The total number of humanitarian aid trucks entering Gaza from Egypt since those trucks were allowed to do so on October 21, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing Egyptian officials and the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, who said none of the trucks contained fuel.

18: The director-general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, told an emergency meeting that it was the share of Gaza’s 36 hospitals that were not functioning in the region (which is home to about 2, 1 million people), according to NBC News, adding that facilities were operating beyond capacity. and that two thirds of Gaza’s primary health care centers are not functioning.

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Israel agreed Thursday to implement daily four-hour humanitarian pauses for its military operations in Gaza, according to the White House. The breaks favored hostage talks, according to Politico, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisting that “no ceasefire” would be achieved without the release of hostages held by Hamas. Politico reported that any hostage deal would likely be temporary and limited in scope.

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The conflict between Israel and Hamas has been going on for over a month now, after Israel declared war following Hamas’ invasion of southern Israel on October 7. The United States has remained steadfast in its support of Israel, a longtime ally. President Joe Biden on Monday asked Netanyahu for a three-day break to allow hostage negotiations, the Associated Press reported, adding that the president said it took “a little bit longer” than he expected. did not hope for Israel to accept the current times. long humanitarian pauses. Despite its push for humanitarian aid, the White House has been careful not to call for a permanent ceasefire, fearing that doing so would allow Hamas to recover and reorganize. Biden has also publicly doubted the death toll in Gaza, saying late last month that he had “no confidence in the number the Palestinians are using,” according to Reuters. The United Nations adds to the tens of thousands of Americans who have participated in pro-ceasefire rallies in recent weeks.

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